Teeth Whitening Training & Certification

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Learn how to match the before and after teeth whitening shade.

If you want to become a professional teeth whitening technician, there is a lot to learn, and the only way you can become an expert at providing teeth whitening treatments is by taking a thorough, high-quality teeth whitening training course. The most important thing is that they teach you everything you need to know to provide highly effective teeth whitening services. By everything, we mean lessons that cover preparation, science, best practices for the different types of treatments, questions that customers might ask, problems that might arise during treatment, legal issues, after-care instructions, upselling, and how to make the most money from offering this service. Luckily for you, we have compared many of the best-known whitening training courses, and we are certain that the most complete and professional teeth whitening course is offered by Beaming White.

Beaming White practically invented the industry of professional teeth whitening services for professionals outside the dental industry, such as spas, salons, tanning salons, mobile whitening, mobile tanning, medical clinics, etc. The company also was the first to provide real teeth whitening training and to provide teeth whitening certification to such professionals. Whereas most of their competitors simply give you a certificate for paying for a teeth whitening course, Beaming White actually makes you take an exam, which you need to pass, in order to get certified.

Beaming White teaches you both theory and practice. Both are extremely important because you really need to learn everything about teeth whitening. Without deep knowledge about the science behind teeth whitening and the actual process at the molecular level, you won’t be able to answer your client’s questions with certitude, and if they don’t think you truly understand teeth whitening, they won’t trust you to provide the service to them.

In this course, you learn everything you need to know, from the history of teeth whitening to the different types of whitening kits to the different types of services to the different types of maintenance products to what customers should do after the teeth whitening treatment. The whitening course consists of several lessons, and each lesson deals with a particular topic. At the end of each lesson, there is a quiz that you take on your own to see how much you learned.

On the practical side, Beaming White’s teeth whitening course is comprised of several instructional videos. Each detailed video covers a very specific part of the process and teaches you every step of the process such as preparing for the treatment, getting the client to sign a consent form, explaining to the client exactly what they need to do, performing the treatment with different types of kits, giving them after-care instructions, and upselling with take-home whitening products.

Here’s another reason why Beaming White’s teeth whitening training course is widely considered the best:  if you take the in-person course (whether it’s over a Zoom meeting or in their office) their trainers are registered dental assistants, and on occasion, you might get lucky and get trained by the founder of the company himself.

All in all, after comparing all the teeth whitening training courses out there, there is no doubt that Beaming White’s is the best. On top of that, they are an actual manufacturer that makes its own teeth whitening products in the USA, while all of its competitors import cheap teeth whitening lights from China and most of them import teeth whitening kits, and often the gels themselves, from China. If you want the best training, a beautiful printed certificate that you can frame to show people that you have really been certified and you want the best teeth whitening preparation, definitely take their teeth whitening course.