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We no longer have pick up locations. All vouchers must be redeemed online. Sorry for the inconvenience! Don’t worry–it doesn’t take long to receive your order by mail!* Once we’ve shipped your order, you will receive a notification email from us with tracking information provided.

*Shipping time is typically 3–7 business days for orders shipped within the United States (7–14 business days for shipments to Canada). However, in rare circumstances beyond our control, it can take upwards of 21 days for US orders (28 days for Canada).

If you purchased more than one voucher, each voucher must be redeemed individually. After you redeem the first voucher, you’ll be redirected to your shopping cart page. Simply, go back to the redemption page to submit your second code so that it will also be added to your cart. If you only redeem one voucher, only one item will be shipped to you.

Clicking “Redeem” on the voucher itself or within your Groupon account does not redeem the voucher for shipment. To receive your item(s), you must redeem your voucher(s) on our redemption page, located here.

Your order cannot be cancelled once it’s been placed, because orders are processed for shipping immediately.

How fast you reach results will depend on several factors, including, but not limited to, pre-existing staining, the strength of your natural tooth enamel, all of the instructions in the kit being followed, etc. Even the foods and drinks you consume before and after each application can have an effect on your overall results. We recommend not smoking and avoiding staining and acidic foods and beverages during the entire length of treatment and within 24 hours after your full treatment (if you must consume staining foods/beverages, try doing so with a straw).

You may see results in as little as 1–3 applications if your tooth enamel is very porous, you have little to no pre-existing staining, and you follow the recommendation of avoiding staining foods and beverages during your treatment.

We recommend using less than 0.5mL of gel in each tray during each of your one-hour treatments, across the span of 7–14 consecutive days. For a visual reference, less than 0.5mL is less than 1/10th of a teaspoon of gel, per tray, spread evenly.
If your mouth trays are in good condition and were custom fitted to your teeth, you can use the gel in our kits with your trays. However, you will still receive our trays with your kit.

Results may last 6 months or they could last upwards of two year. A wide variation exists because people have different habits. The more staining foods and beverages one consumes, the more he/she smokes, etc., the shorter the duration of results. Other factors include how porous a person’s teeth are and/or how much pre-existing staining there is.

As the gel gets into the pores of your enamel, the peroxide in the gel will open clean out stains, thereby making the pores wide open and very accepting of staining. To seal in your results, we recommend using Remineralizing Gel or our Minerals™ Enamel Booster pen to replenish the essential minerals of your tooth enamel that can be diminished during treatment. Both of these products work great to seal in your desired results, too!

Typical results are 10–14 shades lighter. Please know that your teeth can only be whitened to their natural color, which is different for everyone. Many factors can affect the outcome of your own individual results, including, but not limited to, pre-existing staining, how porous your tooth enamel is, consumption of staining foods and beverages during and shortly after treatment, and smoking.

Generally, tooth sensitivity is only experienced with highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel. Our products use carbamide peroxide gel, which does not typically cause tooth sensitivity. The home whitening kit comes with a remineralization gel, which eliminates any sensitivity that you may experience as well as strengthens your enamel.

Our gel is formulated with carbamide peroxide and typically does not cause tooth sensitivity. People with existing sensitivity, recently cracked teeth, micro-cracks, open cavities, leaking fillings, or other dental conditions that cause sensitivity may find that these conditions increase or prolong tooth sensitivity (or “zingers”) during the first 24–48 hours after treatment. If you experience zingers, try using a sensitive toothpaste to ease the discomfort. Brush your teeth with sensitive toothpaste until the sensitivity goes away. Wait until the zingers are gone before starting your treatment again. We also recommend using our Remineralizing Gel or Minerals™ Enamel Booster to help prevent or eliminate tooth sensitivity.

Teeth whitening will not work on artificial dental work including crowns, veneers or composite fillings. The gel will only whiten natural teeth.

We recommend consulting with your dentist before beginning any at-home teeth whitening treatment. Home treatments can carry minor risks if you have poor dental health, wear braces, have had recent oral surgery, or are allergic to peroxide.

Most people will experience a mild, transient gum/lip irritation if the gel is allowed on the gums/lips. An allergic reaction to peroxide can manifest as burning of the gums and/or blistering of the lips, whether or not the gel touches the soft mouth tissue. If this occurs, discontinue use immediately, rinse the irritated area well, and consult your dentist or physician if desired.

Do not use if you: are pregnant/nursing, have poor dental health (decaying teeth, exposed roots, gum disease), wear braces, had recent oral surgery, or are allergic to peroxide. At-home treatments carry minor risks, and you should consult your dentist. Some people will experience reversible minor tooth sensitivity or gum irritation. This will disappear: 1) within a few days after discontinuing use; or 2) by decreasing the length of your bleaching sessions; or 3) by increasing the amount of time between teeth whitening sessions; or 4) by using the Remineralizing Gel more often.

Unfortunately, we are unable to issue refunds on products purchased from Groupon or LivingSocial (since we did not actually perform the original transaction).

Please read and follow all of the instructions that come with your purchase. If your product did not include instructions, please contact our support team by clicking here or visit the product page in our store to see if downloadable instructions are available. Because of the consumable nature of the gel and because every individual’s results will vary and will depend on many factors, we do not accept returns, we do not guarantee results, and we are not responsible for misuse of our products.

If you feel that you may have received a defective or expired gel, we would be more than happy to replace it upon verifying your purchase. Please contact our support team by clicking here and be prepared to provide your proof-of-purchase as well as the lot number and expiration date printed on the small white sticker on the outside of the gel/packaging (photos of the product may be required).

We recommend that no children under 14 years of age use teeth whitening products. This is because a child should have all of their adult teeth in for at least one year. Baby teeth and newly erupted adult teeth should not be whitened. Other things to keep in mind include the condition of the child’s teeth and gums, whether or not they are allergic to any of the ingredients in the whitening gel, and what type and strength of gel is being used.

Our Thermoforming Mouth Trays will form fit to your teeth when prepared per the instructions in your kit.

Remember to do the upper and the lower trays individually, starting from boiling the water. Keep in mind that everyone’s source of heat will vary and some electric stoves may not heat water evenly. Try to use a level burner with even heat when boiling the water. Remember to let the water rest for one minute, off-heat, after it comes to a boil. A tray should only be dipped in the water until it just begins to wilt—typically, this is about five seconds. If a tray is overheated, it may fold over and stick to itself. If this happens to only the back ends of a tray, it’s okay—the back teeth aren’t visible when you smile and you may still be able to apply gel to the rest of the tray in order to proceed with your treatment. If the trays did not melt enough, you can repeat the thermoforming process.

Replacement trays can be purchased here.

Instructions and ingredients will be printed and included with your purchase. If instructions are available online, they will be provided in the product’s description. You can view all of our available products here.

If you do not find the instructions you’re looking for, please contact our support team by clicking here and submitting a support ticket.

We are registered with the FDA. Our products are made in the USA and Cruelty Free.