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Reviews and Testimonials

I had a great time getting my teeth whitened, it was very quick. The staff is very nice and I walked away with my teeth being way more white...I mean I got compliments before but it was a noticeable difference. Just wanna say thanks. ~ Spencer J" 6/14/12 - Vancouver, WA

Really quick process! Pleased with results! ~ N.T. 4/3/12

Happy with results! Definitely see a difference in the color of my teeth now compared to before! Great service! ~ K.M. 2/7/12

Excellent customer service, excellent results! I saw more of a difference in my top teeth than with my bottom, but I was still satisfied overall! ~ Mr. Smith 1/25/12

I was very pleased with my results, only took 30 min! I was amazed by how white my teeth were, especially when I stepped in to the light! Great job! Excellent customer service, very nice and she (Bry) has a great smile as well! ~ J. Walker 1/14/12

I Came in today for a teeth whitening treatment and I was very pleased with results. I went from a 20 to a 10! My friend came in with me who's a smoker and he went from a 32 to a 20! AWESOME JOB! ~ D. West 1/11/12

I went in a few weeks ago to get my teeth whitened for a wedding, very impressed with service and results! Very affordable too and I didn’t need insurance for the service. ~ K.T. 12/22/11

Like it! Glad nobody saw me with that thing in my mouth… but over all pretty painless and worked great! -CM" 1/24/12

Awesome baby! Great, fun staff. -Robin" 1/15/12

Very happy with the results - about 5 shades whiter! -Stacy" 1/13/12

Great experience. Gentle and seems effective. Personable staff too! -Brian" 1/10/12

Great experience. Seemed to work so far. -Michael V" 1/10/12

My experience here was great! It was my first time and it was pleasant and comfortable. The girls were informative and made the experience very positive. Thank you! -G" 12/6/11