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Mouth trays
LED light

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  • 20 mL whitening gel
  • Minerals™ Enamel Booster pen (remineralizing gel)
  • Set of thermoforming mouth trays
  • Mini LED accelerator light
  • Mouth tray storage case
  • Zippered storage bag

One Year Maintenance Kit

1 Year Teeth Whitening Maintenance Kit to Keep Teeth White

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Helps Keep Teeth White All Year!

You just whitened your teeth with a professional teeth whitening treatment or a high quality home whitening kit and now you want to keep your teeth your teeth nice and white all year long. It’s easy to keep teeth white with our 1 Year Teeth Whitening Maintenance Kit.

  • Maintain Your Newly Whitened Smile!
  • Teeth Whitening plus Enamel Protection
  • Safe for Sensitive Teeth
  • Includes Minerals Enamel Booster Pen
  • More Than Enough for 12 Monthly Applications

Simply use the teeth whitening gel in the kit once a month for 20 minutes to an hour and apply Minerals Enamel Booster right afterwards. The once-a-month treatment should be enough to keep most smiles nice and bright while the remineralizing gel will help to strengthen your tooth enamel as well as seal and protect it.